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MEKK Pharma

Drug Discovery & Development Services  


The mission of MEKK Pharma consists to design, manufacture and develop Drug on behalf of the companies of Biotechnology and pharmaceutical. MEKK Pharma Provides Research contracts for Drug Discovery and development projects.

The services of MEKK Pharma are based on values such as excellence, flexibility, objectives with timelines and confidentiality.

La mission de Pharma MEKK consiste à concevoir, fabriquer et développer des molécules pour le compte des compagnies de Biotechnologie et pharmaceutiques. Le service de Pharma MEKK s’appuie sur des valeurs comme l’excellence, la flexibilité et l’atteinte des objectifs avec respect des échéanciers.


MEKK Pharma is localised in Montreal.




Short list of Patents and Articles

Sanofi-Aventis Pharma. Preparation of Camptothecin and Nothapodytine. 

US6500953; EP1100799B1.


New World Laboratories. Selective caspase inhibitor.  WO/2010/133000; US2014038903.

Micrologix Biotech. Anti-viral 7-deaza L-nucleosides for HBV infection therapy.US20060003951A1; EP1458735A2.

Styrylquinoline Derivatives: A New Class of Potent HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors That Block HIV-1 Replication in CEM Cells. J.M.C (1998), 41(15), 2846-2857.

Total and Enantioselective Synthesis of (+)-Vincamine. J.O.C (1997), 62(12), 3890-3901 



Talented in making discoveries and breakthroughs from scratch, for instance the Caspase project discovery: Proposed, designed and developed specific Caspase-x inhibitors Drug that showed promising result in Degenerative animal models such as Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer.

In 2011, participated in an entrepreneurial competition organized by capital Innovation, and he was one of the few chosen. 

Ph.D in organic chemistry supplemented with two postdoctoral research positions with Professors Andrew Elliot Greene and Jean d'Angelo. MBA in Pharmaceutical management with Professor André Côté.

Extensive experience in research and development related to organic and medicinal chemistry in pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore, several Patents for therapeutic products and in different medicinal chemistry fields were acquired in record time (including Sanofi- Aventis Patent). Through this experience he has acquired strategical Patents writing and expertise in Preclinical studies.

The most recent position included Director Drug Development Department in the field of Neurodegenerative Diseases for five years period.





Custom Synthesis MEKK Pharma

Multi-Steps synthesis

Development of new methods

Drug Process 

Synthesis of Focused libraries. 

Target Identification


Rational Drug Design to the target of interest.

Lead generation, lead optimization (SAR) 

Identification of the key pathophysiological steps or     targets involved in the disease of interest.


Consulting Services


R&D Projects management by MEKK Pharma

Make and identify Scientific R&D project proposals of interest.

Patent strategic writing by MEKK Pharma

Drafting opinion on patentability, infringement, validity and Freedom to operate in the field such as Drug Discovery, Drug Development and Life Sciences.


Develop and propose intellectual property protection strategies.


Manage intellectual properties portfolios